Bad Choices


Cry oh! little child,

You have chosen to make your choices, prematurely you haven’t learned anything, pride has enveloped your eyes. Don’t hold on to that breast feeding child as the cause of your problems, abstinence was a solution carried out on social media but you failed to perceive the consequences,now you blame that little baby for your predicament.

Aren’t you tired of hearing the same thing over and over again? Must you keep listening to that boy who can’t feed himself? He would speak and sweet talk you but won’t be there after those seconds of endless pleasure, his crave would only become stronger and move on to another person.

 Don’t waste your future with that one who has nothing to offer,no dream nor ambition.

Oh! You are part of those girls that would fall in love with a four wheel without knowing the future of the driver,you would just be like the Oba who threaten Igbos not to vote without knowing why he altered those words,regrets runs in his vain for a bad decision, do you wanna be be faced with that option?

Make the right step, meet and speak wisely, open those legs for only that one that appreciates you on that faithful day, with smile and joy in both hearts that life has brought you together forever.  

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