Let Us Smile tour



Let Us Smile is an initiative from Hi-9ja group, which has being set out to help eradicate, build, provide shelter and food for children under the age 0-17. This project has the sole aim to giving hope to every child around Africa, as it is set to visit different parts of the continent yearly.





This vision would help promote the youths in Africa to other parts of the world, as it would be engaging other young creative minds to making it a success as well as other brands, it’s the first of its kind in Africa and has created a buzz over the past year.

Research shows that children in the orphanages are those who are referred to as been given birth out of pre-marital sex and most are due to some unforeseen circumstances which may include the following;

· Rape

· High rate of adult immorality (AIDS)

Institutionalization in early childhood can alter a child’s brain and behavior in the long run, the research finds. Fortunately, early intervention can stave off the effects. Most children find themselves in wrong environment most of the time and even the orphanages may not be conducive enough to house these children but that’s the only option they have at the time, and such an environment can change the brain for good.

Our findings adds to evidence that early childhood experiences can have lasting impacts on the brain, with one recent study showing that child abuse may shrink regions in the brains hippocampus.


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