Warm summer (Magazine insight)


Opened to new ideas, great sunset, next to a wave so heavy with the roaring of the sea, looking up to the universe and thankful for a colorful day. Calculating the risk of life, pondering on that relationship, equality and guilt sets in, confused in thoughts out in this beautiful scenery hoping to shut the world behind; and picture a new life with the woman in my head, soft skinned, fair, tall, long hair, well carved eye brows, hips as big as that Local African beauty, great smile, gap teeth, but crippled. So much of these feature I have desired for so long but those legs Hmmm! E no follow.

She walks like a queen that she is, oh my God! Her voice… her voice, could make a lame man walk through walls, there again all these are thoughts from my head, could I really find perfection in my world? I wake up to school, food, and work all day with couple of friends who are just like myself, I know this sounds too personal but it’s true, there are so many of them like me out there with friends like mine, our social lives have been stolen for concepts and norms, day after day we sit and create new things, to implement am na work! Procrastination day in day out, mehn I wanna get out of this box but can’t, coz this is what I love.

Well today things feel differently as the open sky and still with the universe in my favor, just like it was in my head I met this beautiful African lady, I could have guessed that she is from Malawi but that would have been totally wrong, so perfect as tho I were day dreaming, then again there is always something that spoils things, she was just too short for my liking, her hair no even make sense, fake wig, small hips, oops! She wasn’t the one, wrong description. I must apologize for mixing things up, she is the girl next to the wrongly described, what an epitome of beauty pouring down like an old red wine, soar taste but yet has more value than new wine, can’t just wait to hold this old wine next to me, mature in looks, chai! See lips na! You go fear sexy, I can bet they are soft as dipped bread in cold chocolate tea, this one na complete package sha .

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