Freedom Is Life


The sweet air of life and change, less corruption and hate with little discrimination has made the world a better place.

Take charge of your society, lead the way and show that which is right could be referred to as the “Slogan” of men, but what about the women?
9months of pregnancy with or without a husband they stand strong and fight for what they believe in, no one is an island they say! You need support they say! I would be there they say! All these are words used to drive you home thinking that you have a helper when in need but no you don’t all you’ve got is a man putting you in a condition for so long and not offering you the simplest of love or care afterwards.

A tall dark handsome man, with a cracked and great accent not doing too good at work, faced with the responsibility at home… living in a rented home, comes back from work @ 7pm salary yet not enough to pay the bills, with no assurance of food to eat, hands on his jaw sitting on that brownish black stool at the yard thinking of what ways he can make a woman smile.

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