Interview with Mr Ralph: I am in love with a doll


Earlier today we had an interview with Mr Ralph about his passions and zeal.

Hi-9ja- Good morning sir.

Mr Ralph- Good morning, how are you doing today?

Hi-9ja- very well sir, you looking great. Sir we would like to know why you happen to have so many dolls around you.

Mr Ralph- hmmm!! I am a business man and I barely have time for a relationship, you know traveling around basically won’t let me settle with anyone but I found out that having dolls made it easier for me. I could actually do anything with them and yet they won’t get pregnant and become a burden to me, although not a lot would understand but the truth is I am in love with them.

Hi- 9ja – Sir you mean you could do anything just to be with a doll?

Mr Ralph – you know these dolls are unique and don’t complain, like we have women do all over and then they don’t increase in size and all. It’s just great having them, and sincerely it doesn’t affect my work in any way.

Hi-9ja – Thank you very much sir, it was great having you around…                 

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