Look straight at these words and tell me what you see, a naked creator in the pot looking down with no shape, liquid am I and stronger would I be in the end.
Running out for we are many winning a race but only one can be chosen, it doesn’t matter who is qualified, I have being told I am but yet only one wins. I understand that in this world everyone can fight for a second place but in its true nature only the first is reckoned with.
Listen to these words, man come, man go are words that scares you, even in the shortest possible time my presence is not acknowledged, the door slams behind me and now you realize it’s almost mid-night.
Still I am running to that warm tender bed with so much feathers, its’ swollen nature reminds me of how life could feel so comfortable but yet so short. Always in a hurry to get things done, look again I tell you…

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