Running A Race I Couldn’t Win.

  It is no news knowing that we made it with all parts complete. He came with a little girl and a broken heart to a world cold and hard, running a race he couldn’t win. I am racial by choice and difficult to please, my mother never loved my father but here I am with this little girl who looks up to me for the best life with so much love. 
I couldn’t win with the challenges around my life and my woman is no where to be found, politically I claim to fight for the life’s of children around the world, yes! I said politically. This is just the way a youthful man can make it in a hard country like mine, government is never ready to help despite the rules they laid. 
Running a race I couldn’t win. Little girl you are my inspiration and the reason I still fight to win the lost war. Think of me as the man who would pick up a Gun for you to have a better life, slay the man next to me just to keep you safe, I run, just run, keep running for you so we can win.
Now you look so beautiful crowned with glory, in your words are wisdom unknown, deeply hidden from the men of this world, you are special and because of you I won even when I couldn’t win.

Written to Florence 

By Rubenkells 



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