Time Value 

TimeTime is precious to human,wasteful,limited,unlimited it comes and go,tickles in watch and dung in clock,live us with memories to hold onto,what do we call time,past,present,future,hours,minutes,seconds

Time is uncountable,the inevitable progression into the future with the passing of present events into the past,in the ancient days different ways where used to tell time,sun,moon different invention where created to tell time Watch,Clock ,there are 8760 hours, 52600 minutes,3153600 seconds in a year..Time time time ,what will i do without time, we live by time,work by time,do everything with time,

Who is the master of time,the controller of time,God is the programmer,inventor,creator of time,sometimes we wish we could make time fast,slow…but we can’t we just have to sit back and watch time fly,move faster like flash, the speed of lighten .

Spread the word…what do you call Time,this is what i feel time is.

Written by Ola-lawal mudashiru.o


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