I am Mama, a sixty year old re-virginized woman with a style of a child, I refuse to know age. This life I must groove till I drop, my children are proud, single and rich. My style is not like these young ladies *while she spoke her son comes in* Mama you are forever young, you don’t want to leave this thing for youths to carry on, *eyes him and continue talking to her mirror* When I was 20 I did not know man not to speak of fashion, all i focused on was my book now you have that thing (puppy) following you around because of change, hey brother have you slept with that your puppy? Or is she a virgin? *hissed and leaves room*.

Na wa ooo, folks be hotting, just take a look at mama she wouldn’t even admit she is sixty, all she does is make up and party with those old for age young for body friends of hers, well I am glad I have her this way than in a stool forming diabetic – Tobi speaks. 

*By the way he is the first born male child of mama who ran off for over fifteen years and later returned with that young woman who mama hates*

Hey puppy! What are you doing close to my fridge you think this is some city property that you can just invade as you like? Hey, you might have won my son over, but hence you still have a face like a local dog don’t think you are winning my heart anytime soon. 

Mama!!! What’s it with you and my woman, we are barely 3weeks in the house and you won’t let her move without saying a word, where is that sister of mine self? *lost in thought* 

The single, local, puppy face – Shade looks away, slowly unconsciously preparing to hit mama at a spot she never thought anyone knew, late at night she moves close to mama and taps her calls with those rich politicians only to find out that she was sleeping with them for cheap coin (Money). *In surprise she quickly records her conversations* waiting for mama to stroke her again. 

Tola, my soft sister, sexy at night, blasting hot by the morning, how you do this thing I don’t understand- Tobi speaks. You know I can’t come and kill myself, or do you want to marry me ni? Abeg let me look good for my man. 

Sister you don’t have to put too much in it, your foundation is too much you are looking like a living, walking dead body who is been pushed on a rail. Abi all those your friends don’t tell you the truth ba? Well better adjust if not you would remain single forever and later see yourself in front of the church, yes that reminds me, do you even go to that local assembly around the corner or them done close am? *laughs out loud and moves to Shade*  

*All of which, they all don’t know that there is one person that has the secret to everyone’s life, Tobi is a cheat, Shade is a slut, Mama is a proud and shameless bitch, Tola has no womb. What happens next?*
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