The Master 

Put to mind,I woke up to a maker that giveth me all;

Never thought I would come so close,

Now I am in love again.

Thoughts of love like the masters milk;

Dripping down from his table I take;

I am a little dog that would always appreciate,

Now he looks upon me and gives me bread.

Endless nights of his mind in mine;

He told me he would forever be true,

Yes I look away but back on track;

For I am that dog that now eats bread.

Master who is so tender;

Loving me like a father;

Crying I run and I find shelter;

Why then would I leave a child without water.

Are words that only the deep can get; 

For master has said not a word that I would forget,

His voice is like thunder in the mid sunny day;

But I hear like a baby scared of the warned fire.
Oh! Master your love,

It keeps me burning;

For this would I take,

Closer and craving for some more love;

I would live to give my all.

Sweet melody of me a dog,

Who was unworthy of feasting with him;

Now dine with kings in glory.

Master thank you for your endless soft love,

You have given me more than a dog would eat,

Now I have different breeds waiting for your word.
By Okorhi Ogaga 


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