My Shared Pain – Meaningless Attraction 

Meaningless Attraction In my words, lying, cheating, is never part of the plan, I would sacrifice myself just for you. 

Broken on the inside smiling on outside with that fury in my face eager to die for the words I speak from start to finish are true. 

I understand that my past has created its scars and those scars have come to hunt my now, we are strong, I may be wrong having not to say how much you mean to me. 

Look at me wallowing in self-destruct like that little timer waiting to blow, analyzing everything I do, did and have done looking for that little hole where I went wrong. Not for a day did I fall to the arms of another, for the satisfaction I would always have with you. 

How would I promise to be with you and still go looking for something that would spite my drink, it’s my words versus my words for I know that I have opened the portal for distrust my the work I do and how I do them but that doesn’t mean I don’t value what we have, never would I look at another in perfection when the only perfection I see is you. 

So many say what I do is meaningless and could cost me, I don’t care for I do it for I know it’s for the right cause, when I say those three words I mean them. 
If I be a fool then let me be the fool for you. 


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