Know Me


Inspire a Child and Change The World
I understand that they are various reasons why most of you are here today but am going to try and keep it simple, you are passionate and loving even when you are beaten and hated. You hold the keys to nations untold and the secret lies within you, never look down on a man for his today may be poor but his future you can’t ignore. Circumstances brought us together and for the reason so that we change the world with what we have faced, tell the untold stories and rub minds with those in need, so we can understand the value of humanity even in the midst of the Cold War. We all aspire to be someone tomorrow, some of you want to be the best Dancers, Footballers, Dj’s, Pilots, Bankers and other want to own companies and rule the world with leading ideas and laws. Never forget those who are beside you today for the greatest joy starts when we place value on our heritage, our root and knowing that’s where we began and that is what we call creation. 

I was a child who never really had to mix up with a lot of children but when I did I ensure I always have my best to changing the rules from negative to positive, I always want to be the child every one would recommend amongst other but I never gave in to pride and hate, selfishness and distrust. Even tho I never planned to be president of a country someday, I see my country as my first priority. 

Believe in people, help as many as you can and share all that can be but never forget that love is the greatest gift you can offer, there must be an understanding even in the riot, be the voice of the homeless, fatherless, broken hearted and other who need you. 

Don’t let today create a hole in your tomorrow, for the pleasures of today are just temporary. When you think it’s impossible to start, take a step towards your goal and God would take you through the rest. Remember no matter how hard it may look, you can always go on your kneels and ask God through Jesus to change things just to the way you want it. No situation is permanent and no pain can be forever, just take those weak points and use them to your advantage. 

You are special never let anyone talk you down, you are different and only you can change the world. 
By: Okorhi Ogaga 



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