Women Live Longer

Am not trying to judge the way you think but I would share my thought all the same. Have you wondered why women are so strong even after child birth and the nine months of deep struggle and addictive character which by the way irritation is one of them? 
Personally I believe that’s why they live longer than men, because they have one blood constantly renewed. Come to think of it can you use a generator for over a year and not change its oil? The answer is simple and the reason is obvious. Having to leave it that way the generator tends to worn out, weaken and eventually pack up. Men are seen as those generators, carry out duties for the family, adding the extended family duties also, feeding so many with little salary and thinking alone while the woman just takes care of the child before her. 
How can men drain themselves to have new blood just like the women and then live long, well personally, we believe that having constant fruits, rest, sex and time of laugher could help break the genes of short life. 
Think about it and share your thoughts.



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