Hnaub Law faculty predicament 

The Out come of Today’s meeting (8-4-2016) in brief
From the statements and nonchalant reaction of the provost and the dean, it’s now obvious that the school is not bothered about our law school admission. They made it clear that they are not going to plead with the lawsch authority or do anything extra (meeting the requirements) to secure our admission into the Nigerian law sch. 

A top official from the university told us before the meeting that our dean is our major problem as he has refused to reply any of the lawsch’s correspondence or any internal memo in relation to the law sch issue.

The Provost even left the meeting midway saying he had something more important to do in town like the meeting was not important while the Dean continued the meeting with his usual lies.

It’s unfortunate that we find ourselves in this kind of situation, it is advised that if u know anyone who is a graduate from the faculty of law, kindly tell the person to apply for the next NYSC batch as information gathered suggests that students from the faculty of law HNAUB will soon be barred from participating in program. Also, if u have anyone who is till studying law in that faculty, a change of course or school is advised to be on a safer side.

With the nonchalant attitude of the sch authority, our admission to the law sch now depends on the personal connection that we can quickly get, anybody can be of help. It is important that we all try our best in solving this problem. The sch can only be described as a glorified secondary school with incompetent hands at the management level.


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