Corrupt seal

It all started when the crack of the forbidden truth was seen, and the scrolls of the master therein where torn. 

Nothing could be more devastating than the cry of a baby lost, and hungry. Basic factors that has eaten up our land, they stand before us in position of great change but behind every man there is a rat on the loose. 

Dancing over the pie they speak, but greed runs through their veins. Look at the man on the white and red caftan, deep within him is the strategy of assassination on the other twelve. The festival of kings is yet to come to a devastating end but this empire has no heir, even the lazy maid seeks a place in the kingdom as king and yet is unwilling to make plans. The youths in the kingdom still haven’t understood the essence of their play toy as a way of distracting them from the war yet unseen. 

“Nothing last forever” they murmur, these twelve men still dancing over the pie of a nation none of them built, kiniun who once lived amongst them and worked hard to make all these faked his death, his return could be soon. 
The baje ijoba cannot stand with its enemies feasting on its glory.
To be continued… 
Written by: Okorhi Ogaga


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