The Stranger

It soaked deep within those thighs, the seduction of a woman falls apart, with the dirt and smelt around the pour. 
Dime the lights for I only see you as the beast who sucks its prey after the bite on the neck, don’t remind me of my past, off the lights. Slowly your hands hurts with your eyes hungry for a kill but not today, – the little girl reading from a book. 

That’s all for today class hope to see you for the session tomorrow, there again the book left its scare on her right hand, the reality was written. She would tell herself this story all day looking at the scare he created. Never would she have loved a man who comes with fanatic intentions but that I cannot tell until I try. You toll with me and hit me against my chest, your lips are watery for the soaked thighs, nooo!!! I would not give you this one. 
Let your mind play games with you as I look upon my life, telling my story to a class that is empty, my life is a dug pit daily I sink but reminding myself of how I let you in. 
The way you took me in whilst it rained gave me a reason to pay you back when the need be, the fancy house, beautiful cars and me the naughty maid who was me. 
Hello!! Students welcome, let’s pick up from where we left yesterday. 
His chest would turn any woman on and that body so athletic, I couldn’t wait to tear off those clothes as I watched him undress. I reminisced even while he was in front of me partly naked, his arms so big he could place me right where he wanted and I had no control, looking at this thighs I could imagine what was between his legs and how it would tip me off to sleep, how nice, he is all shaved and big now I want him, but “am just a girl” I would say and in response he would say “It’s gonna be fun”, the side cuddle wasn’t all my favorite but he made me love it, light out and the day is gone, I would hold on to my pillow with little tears of pleasure dropping down my eyes while I enjoyed every bit of him in me. I could feel each vein and the cap is super huge. This is getting to sexual students it time to go home. 

Who is he? The question popped from the imaginary student and with a smile she responded “The Stranger”. 
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