Build Yourself by Okorhi Ogagaogene 

At some point I thought reaching out to friends would help build and grow my brand, but then I realized that I was stuck to the same point for over 6months, so here is what I have done after my realization. 
– I rebranded myself

– I stopped depending on friends 

– I keep business as business and friends as friends. 

– I started doing more that I spoke. 

– I have lay low when necessary. 

Here is what I have achieved within the period, after I stopped the friendship. 

– As a brand we have hit a total of 404 Children With an estimated 904 to be helped in 2016.

– Built one of the biggest Charity Events in Africa – LET US SMILE TOUR 

– Produced new concepts which would be airing soon. 

– Created a platform for youths to voice out their mind. 

– Given chance to start ups. 

The truth of this is simple, if you are not passionate about what you do, people would break you in the name of friendship. 

We are Youths, we have got Power, we are Creative and it’s time for Change. 

Call us The Higher NIGERIA – #Hi9ja


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