Letter to Nigeria!! Happy Independence

Let the drums speak, putting every child on the dance floor, creating decorum and peace. Let the drums speak, holding every hand together and uniting our words. 

Let —– the —— drums —– speak 
The virtues of our fathers has reigned with so many in tears, 

The changed power has caused the drums to drop, 

At the sound of the bass, the women run for the crisis just begun, 

Let the words of the innocent be heard again, 

They have been a total selfish law placed for their own gain, 

We seek it, and created a monster. 
Hold on!!! 
Where are we headed? 

How can we let a leaper lead in the form of a prince? 

Would a nation stand again when the people are blind?
I want my beating drums to roll, I want the child to wrestle, 

I want our women to have a place in our society, 

Let the beating drums roll again. 
Those happy times of freedom, felt like bondage, 

Now bondage has come, and we call it freedom. 

Not again should be let the laws be passed, 

Not again should our youths be deceived, 

Not again should a woman fall to the feet of a man for mercy, 

We were united until promises broke us, 

We had values until pride took them away, 

Now we are lost looking for ourselves. 
It’s a new day, wake up to reality, 

The ethics we carved are the reasons for our failures, 

Forget policies and let’s be spontaneous, 

Let our actions be a reflection of how great we are.
Let our Nation stand for something, 
Nigeria would be great if only youths would be given a chance,

Someday you would appreciate me for this, 

Someday you would. 
Okorhi Ogagaogene 

Founder/CEO Hi9jamagazine


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