Hi9ja incorporated is a company built on a solid foundation,  energised with the need to create a difference with its products and services. Hi- 9JA incorporated was established December 28th 2013 to give youths the resources to be heard, create an Independency on the dependant, channeling all teenagers 13-18, youth 19-35, strength to a productive positive change around their community,  with the administration of various projects. We are not solely based in one country as we aim to meeting to every individual in every community.

Our Vision

Building the new Africa, where youths have a voice of their own, which is heard when spoken

Our Mission

1) To break racial differences in Africa and other parts of the world.

2) Unite youths with one common goal “change”.

3) Ignite peace in other parts of the world.

4) To prefer solution at every given point of

5) Reband Africa and restore our lost cultures and values.

Our Organizational Arms


-Hi -9JA Magazine

Hi9ja Magazine is a youth brand created to restore our lost African cultures, build and create job opportunities for youths in Africa and Other parts of the world.

Our Magazine is focused on Art and Pop Culture as a reminder of Who we are and What we have lost after trading the True us.

Hi9ja niche is basically The “youths”, the leaders of tomorrow, the law makers, the executives, and nation builders. We Are raising a world that can stand with pride amongst other nations around the world.

It’s time for Africa to arise and speak boldly without fear of discrimination.

-Let Us Smile

Let us smile is an initiative by the founder of Hi- 9JA Incorporated,  built to give hope, teach the crafts, inspire and celebrate the gifts of childhood as well as motherhood.

This team is opened to all that loves children  and would like to share their stories with them as well as sponsor a child, all donations and pledges can be made through the channels we have created.

Here we visit orphanages, various neighbourhoods, and also organise programs for our children and mothers, this group is here to eradicate poverty and boost shared prosperity.

Hi-9ja Diamond

Hi-9JA Diamond is a subsidiary of Hi-9ja group, which is in charge of all corporate events, planning and organising of all competition to help build youths and other corporate bodies.

This group is carefully selected as entry is opened to few on every event, we are in charge of all networking and communication programmes to help stair up youths to doing more in their country and area of residence. What we offer is a tool for the mind, it may seem unnecessary now but as our founder would say “Give it time”.


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