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Last Kiss

Roseyy! Rose, how nice are the petals which looks so, There is one out there that needs you by the hand, 

When love breaks all laws, you are loyal to it all. 

Roseyy! Rose, how we long for you close to our hearts, with a fragrance never contending. You make our hearts wipe for emotions cant hold the love, but today would be the last. 

When I hold you, I know your worth, when I need you, someone special brought you, now he watches over you and I, at this time he knows we are at loggerheads just waiting to say it. 

Roseyy! The rose is gone but everything still finds a way to scent towards others, knowing someday those petals would be remembered, but not today for I take you in my arms and give you the last of it all, while I let you rest with the one you want. 
Roseyy! Rose… Don’t let your loyalty become slavery, if they don’t appreciate what you bring to the table, let them eat alone. 

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I do not miss our home

I do not miss our home the carefully calculated paint colors 

the kitchen where our glasses steamed 

the bed I sometimes left for the couch
I do not miss our home, because 

in death 

the way the way the dishes stack 

doesnʼt matter 
the rigor mortis that took hold 

once we decided we were ending 

left us without the strength to 

fight for our life 
we did not invest in our embalming 

rather, embraced decay 

I left first and you followed 

but not in a love story 

kind of way 
I do not miss our home 

but I’ll admit, I did drive past 
somehow without curtains 

it appears more vault 

than tombstone 
suture my mouth shut 
I no longer wish to speak 

of the ghosts we left behind